BidSupporter App

A powerful solution making your bid stand out from the crowd with embedded marketing tools to fully communicate your proposal with rich media.

Enrich your Bid

Add rich media animated / interactive content to highlight all your key differentiators ensuring you stand out from other bids. Whether video executive summaries or key animated information it will leave a memorable message

Brand & Content

Bid Supporter is fully designed to match the rest of your bid, with all contents being packaged within a clear and intuitive menu system that is easy to use by all. The complete bid document structure can be fully customised, by look, feel and layout to match your requirements.

Easy Navigation

We design clean intuitive interfaces for an engaging snd compelling user experience, ensuring all the information is accessed with minimal effort.

All Media Formats

BidSuporter has been built to allow a wide array of media from augmented / virtual reality to other emerging technologies like 360 video or BIM model datasets. We have pre-built modules to cater for most scenarios, but if you have any specific media that needs to be displayed we can add the functionality to allow this.

Bid Deadlines

Having delivered over 300 bids, we truly understand the pressures of a bid. Our solution has been built to allow minimal client input and allow late population of the bid documentation.

Futureproof Solution

Even after the bid has been submitted, the App can be converted into a client/project management tool where content can be pushed once the bid has been won!